Knowledge and skills

If Sweden is to succeed in making the transition to a sustainable transport system, we need access to new knowledge and to well-qualified individuals who are up to the task. A long-term supply of knowledge and skills is therefore vital. The Forum is seeking to make sure the necessary education and training are in place, in all areas and at all levels. If we manage to do that, Sweden will be able to remain competitive.

One way forward is to ensure that state funding for education and research interacts effectively with the long-term strategies of companies and public agencies. Cooperation between businesses and educational institutions gives us a better understanding of where problems exist and how they can be solved. It also enables universities and other higher education bodies to formulate their research agendas, while allowing companies to develop long-term business strategies.
Close links between research and higher education are essential if we are to make the transition to sustainable transport that is needed to achieve Sweden’s transport policy aims. The Forum is actively working to establish a process in support of this. We are doing so in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, academia and the government sector.